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diagram: During the test period, this reviewer combined the Hawk Plus (white color) with an internal AC split and the results were amazing.

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During the test period, this reviewer combined the Hawk Plus (white color) with an internal AC split and the results were incredible.

Thanks to modern technology, the fan experience will never be the same. My reference is not to the public fixated on cricket or football, but on the humble fan – ceiling or pedestal – which is an intrinsic part of the way we keep our homes cool. There has always been a desire to manipulate the air for pleasure. No wonder today’s fans have gone beyond their ability to electronically shake a person; they now come in innovative designs and are equipped with the latest technology. They are slim, quite powerful and quiet, some even come with a remote control (or are app-based), LED lights, Bluetooth speaker, etc. There are some that intelligently adapt their speed based on the ambient temperature.

We may still be years away from a high-tech smart home with lots of Internet-connected devices, but Bengaluru’s Fanzart has been creating smart, tech-based fans that have the ability to make our homes smarter. Fanzart has been a leading name in the luxury fan segment. In the beginning, we analyzed the fan of the designer Melody; it’s time for mainstream fans to make room for Fanzart’s Hawk Plus. Priced at Rs 13,990, this is a new age remote controlled pedestal fan that rotates 360 degrees while oscillating three-dimensionally (horizontal and vertical) along with an integrated Eco Feature (we’ll explain this later). It is ideal for hallways, home offices, children’s bedroom, living room, office or TV room.

We’ve all experienced how conventional pedestal fans emit a blast of air for a few seconds when the fan swings towards us. This rarely makes for a comfortable experience – either the breeze is too strong or not enough to make you feel comfortable. With Fanzart’s Hawk Plus, you can control the swing, adjust its height, combine it with the use of an air conditioner for even airflow, and much more.

During the test period, this reviewer combined the Hawk Plus (white color) with an internal AC split and the results were incredible. Air circulation was ample, the fan is ultra quiet and easy to use with its remote control. The fan’s unique and elegant Scandinavian design and matte white finish provide aesthetic, minimalist charm, making it ideal for contemporary homes and modern commercial spaces.

The Hawk Plus comes with a 2-in-1 convertible height feature. Its removable boom allows the user to adjust it to two heights, offering varying levels of breeze. Basically, the fan can be transformed simply by removing its rod – from 54 to 34 inches and vice versa. The key feature is complete control over swing, allowing you to maximize comfort for the number of people the fan will serve at the same time.

The Hawk Plus Eco feature allows speed adjustment to prevailing ambient temperature. Then comes the Flip feature, where this remotely controlled pedestal fan can be swiveled up to ensure air circulation without the inconvenience of air blasts. Furthermore, its 3D oscillation can be combined with the use of air conditioning so that cool air reaches every corner of a room.

Overall, the all-in-one Hawk Plus is an aesthetic and functional addition to your modern home or office with its futuristic technology and elegant finish. Buy it to give your home a smart touch.


Air speed: 4 m / s

Maximum flow:> 4200 m3/h

Oscillation: 60, 90, 180, 360 degrees

Noise level:

Power: 65 W fan

Height: 1156 mm / 45.5 inches

Remote control included

Estimated selling price: Rs 13,990

Paula Fonseca