Andy Lee gets another TV gig hosting The Hundred on Channel 9 – About Your Online Magazine

Radio, podcast and TV star Andy Lee has apparently switched TV networks again, with Channel 9 announcing that he will lead his new “Reverse Gogglebox” show. The hundred.

the hundred will be a weekly one-hour comedy panel show featuring comedians and 100 ordinary Australians, which Channel 9 says will represent a cross-section of Australian society.

The 100 panelists will be on hand live to poll their opinions and experiences with the week’s hottest news and topics, while comedians and celebrities will scramble to prove who really knows Australia best.

The program aims to take the pulse of the nation on topics such as: How many Australians have had sex in the workplace? What is the most common day to be born and die? How many Australians have had plastic surgery? And how many checked their partners’ phones?

Lee said the show will be very funny.

the hundred it’s like the reverse Gogglebox. gogglebox are ordinary people sitting in their homes and choosing TV shows while the hundred is a TV show that dives into the homes of ordinary people and learns more about their lives,” he said.

“It’s been over a year now and we’ve uncovered some amazing stats along the way, as well as some really boring ones. In a bold decision, we decided to leave the boring ones out of the show. In a post-truth era, the hundred Fearless analyzes the numbers to find out who we really are, in a loud laugh format. ”

Screentime Australia and Channel 9 are currently recruiting for the panel of everyday Australians.

Lee and his on-air partner Hamish Blake have previously linked to Channel 9 for joint projects such as True story with Hamish and Andy and Perfect vacation from Hamish and Andy.

As they continued to make their Hamish and Andy podcast via SCA’s LiSTNR, they split up to do separate TV projects.

Blake led the family favorite Lego Masters on Channel 9, while Lee became captain of the Generation Y team in a revived Talking about your generation. In 2020, Lee was announced as a regular panel member on Channel 7’s AFL show The Front Bar alongside other radio names such as Mick Molloy and Sam Pang.

This year, Lee was a Channel 10 personality, ahead of the Australian iteration of The cube.

The cube premiered to 567,000 viewers. The final episode of its 10-episode airing was on April 14th, however, it failed to make the 20 most-watched list that day, meaning it had fewer than 314,000 viewers overnight on the subway.

Channel 10 was contacted to comment on Lee’s future with the network, as well as his plans for The Cube Australia.

Paula Fonseca