China hits back at ‘slanderous’ Nato claim it poses threat to west | Nato – About Your Online Magazine

China’s mission to the European Union urged NATO to stop exaggerating the “China threat theory” after the group’s leaders warned that the country presents “systemic challenges.”

The leaders of the transatlantic security alliance took a energetic stance towards Beijing on Monday, in a statement at the first summit of US President Joe Biden with the alliance.

“China’s stated ambitions and assertive behavior present systemic challenges to the rule-based international order and areas relevant to the security of alliances.” NATO leaders said.

The new US president urged fellow NATO leaders to confront China’s authoritarianism and growing military might, a shift in focus to an alliance created to defend Europe from the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

But China’s European mission reacted on Tuesday, saying in a post local on the internet network that the NATO statement “slandered” China’s peaceful development, misjudged the international situation and indicated a “cold war mentality.”

China is always committed to peaceful development, he said. “We are not going to represent a systemic challenge for anyone, but if someone wants to present us with a systemic challenge, we will not remain indifferent.”

G7 nations meeting in Britain over the weekend scolded China over human rights in its Xinjiang region, urged Hong Kong to maintain a high degree of autonomy and demanded a thorough investigation into the origins of the coronavirus in China.

The Chinese embassy in London said it was adamantly opposed to the mentions of Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan, which distorted the facts and exposed the “sinister intentions of some countries like the United States”.

Paula Fonseca