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ONE Witney man left rehab early to see his partner and their dog, a court heard.

Marc Lawrence, 45, received a 12-month community order last year for possession of an offensive weapon and Class B drugs.

But he was back in the dock in Oxford Crown Court this week for not appearing on parole appointments in December and May.

The court heard Lawrence quit drug rehab in January after completing the first detox phase of the program.

His supporter, Lucy Ffrench, said: “He accepts that he left a week early because he wanted to see his partner and her dog before the next element. [of the residential rehabilitation programme]. ”

She said Lawrence was supposed to return to the rehab center to begin the therapeutic part of the program, but it was delayed after an obscene outbreak at the site.

He has since returned to using illegal drugs, she said. He still had funding for a place at the drug rehab center.

Lawrence did not attend parole consultations on December 3rd and May 5th. He received a travel warrant to help him get from his home in Witney to the interview with his parole officer in bicester in May, but did not show up.

Mrs Ffrench said the trip required him to take a bus from Witney to Oxford and then a train to Bicester. Mental health issues, including anxiety, made that journey difficult.

Marc Lawrence outside Oxford Crown Court

Judge Nigel Daly revoked the previous community order and imposed a new one-year order with a 12-month drug rehab requirement and a 10-day rehab activity requirement.

He asked the parole officer to investigate whether Lawrence could meet with the offender’s manager in Oxford. Judge Daly told the defendant that he knew it was difficult, but added: “Keep answering because otherwise you will be raped again, and if you are raped again, a second rape doesn’t look good.”

Lawrence of Lowell Place, Witney, has admitted to violating his community order.

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Paula Fonseca