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NICOSIA, CYPRUS, June 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – ADAX was created to provide the Cardano community with a state-of-the-art decentralized exchange protocol. Our launch was surpassed by the overflowing help and support from the Cardano community interested in our project. The past 14 days have shown tremendous success for us: we’ve distributed our tokens to our contributors, built a community of support and engagement, and been recognized by the Cardano Foundation itself for our efforts to promote Cardano’s vision.

Notable achievements:
1) Built a worldwide community of over 15,000 individuals;
2) The private sale was signed too much;
3) An IEO almost sold out in a matter of days
4) Publication of relevant documentation illustrating significant technical details for native Cardano tokens

Our most significant achievement was getting the support of the Cardano Foundation. From the beginning, our priority has been to play a secondary role in Cardano’s vision of achieving positive global change, so receiving Cardano’s support is a significant achievement for our project.

Seeking to become a successful exchange within the Cardano ecosystem, ADAX has been developing partnerships, our most recent being: Netvrk and black dragon, to provide us with additional specialized and critical resources. These organizations are built on core values ​​that we believe will help ADAX deliver and deliver benefits to the community.

Ultimately, our top priority in this project is looking for opportunities to help our community. Consequently, our team of developers released a technical report describing the interaction to mint and burn local Cardano tokens recently. This distribution tries to smooth the cycle of new projects entering the space, as well as existing ones. We hope that it will involve developers to further carry out these conventions with even more success.

ADAX is currently in the public sale phase, but you can also contact us for more information about ADAX or its ongoing private allocation, please contact our sales team at Working alongside our public IEO, ADAX consistently pursues private ventures with VCs, Crypto Funds, DAOs, Family Offices and HNWI.

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