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Rocco Baldelli had a feeling Byron Buxton might not be activated during the twins’ three-game trip to Seattle. Still, the twins saw benefits in bringing Buxton to Seattle for two reasons: so coaches and trainers could get their eyes on him and for Buxton’s mental health.

“Mentally…being here, getting back into baseball programming with his teammates, spending the entire day (and) not just working alone in Minneapolis, being here would be good for him and put him in the rut he needs to be in when he returns. ,” Baldelli said. “We can go through this routine and also make him run back to where he needs to be.”

Buxton played in three rehab games in St. Paul, homering twice and driving in seven races. But Baldelli said the central gardener felt “residual pain” after the assignment. Buxton suffered a Grade 2 strain on his right hip in early May.

The twins had beaten Buxton on the field before Wednesday’s final game against the Mariners. What he will feel after that will determine the central ace’s next steps.

“If he’s able to run like he can run, he’s going to play soon,” said Baldelli. “If he can’t, he won’t play yet, so that’s it. It’s simple. When Buck can run, he will play. …Frankly, if I think he’s going out there and putting himself at risk by running to get hurt again, then he’s not going to play. ”

Baldelli said Buxton has been in his office several times trying to talk to get back into action, but when they started talking about the details and exactly how Buxton is doing, Baldelli said “it’s not time yet”. The manager did not rule out the chance that Buxton would need to play more rehab games.

If another rehab period were to take place, Baldelli suggested it would be later this week or potentially early next week.

“I would love nothing more than to write his name on today’s lineup, but we have to stop him from putting himself at risk,” said Baldelli. “I think he’ll be back soon.”


Twin catcher Mitch Garver, who has been out since suffering what the twins dubbed a “groin injury” on June 1, has made some light moves but hasn’t started participating in baseball activities yet.

Garver was operated on that night and Baldelli said he still hasn’t had the stitches out. Baldelli expressed some hope that Garver could start baseball activity next week.

Baldelli said if Max Kepler (hamstring) makes it through his rehab game in St. Paul on Wednesday night without incident, it’s possible that the outside defender will join the club on Friday, when the twins go home. Texas. They have a day off on Thursday between the series in Seattle and the series in Arlington.


reliever Caleb Thielbar (groin strain) has been activated from the wounded list. As the corresponding move, the twins sent a rookie Griffin Jax, who released 93 relief shots on Tuesday night. … The twins have yet to determine a starter for Saturday’s game at Michael Pineda’s slot in rotation.

Paula Fonseca