Bright Futures in Joplin is accepting donations for back to school items | KSNF/KODE – About Your Online Magazine

JOPLIN, MO – Local students will be heading back to class in a month, and Bright Futures Joplin is collecting donations to get them started on the right foot.

The group is accepting a long list of school supplies to help kids in need.

That includes necessities like paper, pens, notebooks, and glue.

But there’s also a short list of high demand items, like over-the-ear headphones, which grade school students use with technology.

“And then in our middle schools and high school environment, they need the ear buds. We have a lot of, every one has a chrome book or a computer that they’re attaching to, and those, the ear buds and the head phones are kind of cost prohibitive for some of our families.” Says Sarah Coyne, Bright Futures Joplin.

You can drop off donations at the Memorial Education Center at 8th and Pearl.

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Paula Fonseca