Getting answers: Will the COVID-19 vaccine affect my life insurance coverage? – About Your Online Magazine

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Like many industries, life and health insurance agencies have had to change the way they do business during the pandemic. With the Delta variant now in both South Carolina and Georgia, agents say the changes to life insurance policies may never be the same for some customers.

A big question in the mix, is how the vaccine plays a role in coverage. The simple answer, it doesn’t.

Because insurers will still have to assess how vaccination rates lower the risk of any resurgence of COVID-19, an individual’s vaccination history is generally not considered when underwriting a life policy. However, don’t be surprised when questions surrounding COVID-19 are asked by the provider.

“I had a client that was questioned by the provider because she had tested positive for COVID-19 in 2020. The company wanted to know if she was hospitalized, taking any medications and if was she retested with a negative result. They never asked if she had the vaccine or planned on getting the vaccine,” explains Rusty Rhodes, life insurance agent with Palmetto Benefit Solutions.

Rhodes says providers are mainly focused on an individuals health history, regardless if it’s related to COVID-19.

“I haven’t seen anything from any companies. I represent multiple companies and multiple carriers and nothing regarding the vaccine has been an issue at all. They’re just kind of wanting to know your health history and they’re asking it about [to] pretty much anyone that gets a policy now,” Rhodes adds.

According to some researchers, it’s possible that COVID-19 could join the established family of respiratory illnesses that we deal with every season, meaning life insurance could potentially increase in cost.

Paula Fonseca