1000 Experienced Driver Jobs, Employment

1000 Experienced Driver Jobs, Employment

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1000 Experienced Driver Jobs, Employment

Required profile for the position: Experienced Driver / Courier

  • Mandatory experience in the same function for more than 3 years
  • Experienced driver who knows how to drive cars with automatic gearboxes
  • Available, presentable, courteous and discreet.
Job ad criteria: Experienced Driver/Courier
Job :
Logistic transport
Activity area :
Metallurgy, steel industry
Type of Contract :
Region :
Qatar – UAE
Ville : Doha – Dubai
Level of experience :
Experience between 2 and 5 years
Level of studies :
Languages ​​required:
english › Intermediate
Name of post(s) : 1000


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The courier makes quick deliveries in a limited area: he delivers small and medium packages, mail, but also pizzas and meals, with his own vehicle or that of the company.

What does a courier do?

The courier starts by picking up the goods (get) and loading it onto his vehicle: the “pickup location” can be a restaurant, a pizza shop, a postal depot, a warehouse or another commercial activity of any type whatsoever. Depending on the case, the delivery can be one of a kind (a single package) or numerous and the courier must therefore fill the vehicle to the most extreme of its capacity to be able to make several deliveries in a single trip (multi pick/multi drop).

The channel child courier delivers to the target address quickly and safely. Arrived at objective, he unloads the goods from the vehicle and makes the delivery according to the signs which have been given to him. The courier can also take care of payments and delivery documentation: he can, for example, fill out forms for taking charge of the goods, make the underwriter of the affirmation of delivery, receive the payment due and issue the receipt to the customer. In the event of a problem or complaint with the delivered goods (standard example if the customer orders a pizza and receives a burger), the courier is required to provide customer support to solve the problem in the best conceivable way ( example by contacting the eatery or the delivery manager).

When he has completed his delivery journey, the courier returns to the pick-up point and possibly prepares to take new orders, after transmitting the money, payments and receipts.

The courier may also be responsible for loading/unloading items and moving the warehouse with forklifts and car maintenance, from cleaning to repairing minor mechanical damage.

The area and size of the company he worked for greatly affected the duties of the courier. Others, for example, make repair or repeat deliveries, daily or weekly, on a specific route to ensure fast and efficient delivery.

Conversely, some couriers must always aim for several delivery addresses: because of their knowledge of the streets of the district (restricted areas, rush hours to be avoided if possible. Traffic jams or congestion) they must find the fastest route, etc.) they usually use their orientation skills. To this end, GPS and advanced route optimization software speed up the work of the courier, enabling more efficient delivery management. It’s a dynamic job that requires good physical condition, because the courier is always active. Ability to drive a car used for delivery is required: scooter, car, delivery bus (may be company owned or used). In addition, the courier must be flexible in terms of working hours, because he often works in several shifts, including evenings and weekends. Part-time contracts are frequent, which makes it possible to carry out this activity in addition to other activities.

Where does the courier work? Courier services are required by businesses of all kinds to make small deliveries on land: companies, offices, independent experts, banks, supermarkets, shops and commercial activities.

A large number of job offers are concentrated in the hospitality sector: pizzerias, restaurants and fast food outlets are constantly looking for couriers and pizza delivery people for home delivery. Online platforms that offer home delivery services, such as Deliveroo, Glovo or JustEat, also require the work of many couriers across the country, who often travel by bicycle (hence the name runner).

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